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Bad Advertisement

Posted on: Friday, April 26, 2002 at 14:59:15 (CDT)

A really confusing, misleading, and terrible advertisement sponsored by the Federal Office of National Drug Control Policy appeared in Parade Magazine (a Sunday – newspaper insert supplement) and in the April 15th issue of Time Magazine last week. It was very distressing to people in the beer business, particularly the group of about 1,000 distributors and brewers who were in attendance at the NBWA’s Legislative Conference in Washington which ended today…. here’s what the ad says:

“Last Night, I met the guys for beers, went out to dinner, and helped gun down 21 men, women and children.

Drug money helps support terror. Buy drugs and you could be supporting it too. Get the facts at Get the help at the National Treatment Hotline, 800-662-HELP.”

The ad, besides being reprehensible by claiming that somehow beer is a drug, which if bought, aids terrorism resulting in the death of men, women and children, verges on the idiotic. It is absolutely incredible that the government could employ people who would conceive of such a linkage.

As you know, a number of Texans went to Washington, DC to serve in very high positions in government. We are lucky to count a number of those Texans as our friends who have always been available to listen to our concerns. Although we don’t want to write about the whole story (you can hear it from your fellow distributors who were in Washington or you can phone me or Tom and we’ll tell you), suffice it to say that these same friends also saw the idiotic and unfair nature of these ads, and literally LESS THAN AN HOUR AFTER THEY HEARD ABOUT THE ADS, THE FEDERAL OFFICE OF THE NATIONAL DRUG CONTROL POLICY PULLED THE ADS AND CANCELED ANY MORE OF THEM.

The ads ran last week, but we didn’t see them at first. We appreciate Les Kroeger (Coors, Longview) for bringing the Parade ad to our attention.

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