September 28, 2012




Texas Distributors are extremely disappointed that MillerCoors has filed a legal challenge to the validity of state franchise laws. The argument presented by MillerCoors has been rejected repeatedly by federal courts in multiple jurisdictions. Nevertheless, MillerCoors chose to move forward with a discredited legal argument which, if upheld, would destroy the value of hundreds of family owned businesses throughout the Country.


It is time for MillerCoors to prove that it truly values its relationship with its brand distributors and unequivocally acknowledge the validity of state franchise laws. The Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas call on MillerCoors to immediately withdraw its challenge to the Virginia franchise law. Failure to do so will only substantiate concerns that the new foreign ownership of these iconic American brands seeks to export its model of vertical monopolies to the United States and take without compensation billions of dollars in jobs and wealth from American families. Beer distributors are confident that the American courts will reject the renewed efforts of the foreign breweries and that the bi-partisan coalition of American leaders who have fought over many decades to preserve the independent American three-tier system will continue to strengthen the existing regulatory system.


Keith Strama

Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas

General Counsel

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