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Founded as a trade association in 1938, Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas (WBDT) has represented the interests of licensed beer distributors across the state of Texas.

Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas was founded on the far-reaching vision of a few Texas beer distributors who recognized the importance of setting aside individual competition to form a trade association that would guarantee the best interests of the state’s beer distribution industry as whole. From the first official meeting in Galveston in 1940 to present day, distributors have been provided with peace of mind knowing that a diligent and dedicated organization will be there to fight for their needs. Just as in those early days, distributors have had to work together to fight issues that, at times, appear to be identical to those faced in the 1940s.

Texas distributors have always had a passionate sense of community involvement and an interest in promoting responsibility. Community leadership can be seen both on the local and state-wide level, ranging from city improvement projects to establishing one of the state’s first anti-litter programs.

No matter what issue is presented, Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas will continue to serve the future cumulative needs of Texas beer distributors with an unrelenting devotion to fairness, competition, and community by promoting a healthy marketplace.